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美國馬鈴薯(Potatoes USA)

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Do you have an interesting recipe for potato salads?  What do you do to break from the tradition of the typical mayo-based picnic potato salad?

We decided to check out what some of our favorite celebrity foodies were doing with potato salads, and we were certainly impressed at the fresh, innovative ways this summertime classic was being served up:

Potato Salad Blog



Check out Martha Stewart’s beautiful photo and recipe galleries: “Salads with Substance.” She combines non-traditional flavors and ingredients with potatoes to create gorgeous sides and entrees.

Rachel Ray creates most of her potato salads with vinaigrettes—anything to hold the mayo (but not the EVOO).  In this article she talks about  7 incredible potato salad recipes you need to make this summer.

Emeril dishes up a fresh and light  Cilantro Avocado Potato Salad,  a perfect accompaniment for any Latin menu.

Of course, you could spend hours on the Food Network’s celebrity chef recipe pages for potato salad listings…here are just a few:
Paula Dean  
surprises us with a Red Potato and Green Bean Salad, tossed with dill and a vinaigrette.

Ina Garten, better known as the Barefoot Contessa, relies on herbs, like tarragon and parsley, and white wine to compose her Herb Potato Salad.

Jamie Oliver creates a delicious, simple and colorful Purple Potato Salad that only takes 40 minutes to complete.


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